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e-mo-tion is a GUI for remote access and monitoring of autonomous robots. It uses a a low-level communication protocol called Ishtar, initially developed by Stéphane Magnenat.


aeropic is a library for the eponym autopilot developed by Severin Leven at the Laboratory of Intelligent System (in the context of the Swarming MAVs project). The library has initially been written by Severin Leven and reorganized by Alexandre Habersaat, under my supervision.

evolutionary robotics

In the context of my research activities, I've been involved in the development of an Evolutionary Robotics package called Teem. This package includes, among other things, a generic implementation of genetic algorithms and various kinds of artificial neural network.


I've been involved in the late '90 in shareware development and I've released two products: MacD and H2C. They are now both outdated and unsupported. The corresponding web site is still available here, mainly for historical reasons :-).

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