What's H2C?

H2C is the must-have shareware for all C++ programmers.

Think at how much time you spend typing function declarations twice, once in header file and once in the source file... Look at this: H2C types the source file based on a class declaration right for you. You've just to fill in the code!

Clean typography and extended functions

You're obsessed to have it right the way you want?

H2C is based on an easy-to-expand plug-in architecture: if you aren't satisfied with the files generated by H2C, just write a plug-in for it. To make that task even easier, H2Cships with a special plug-in that output source based on a template file you provide.

On the other hand, the new extended plug-in architecture allows you to create other functions, like source documentation template generation or objects database filling.

Version 1.6new

H2C now handles nested classes, namespaces, template functions and C.

The API has been further enhanced to take advantage of these changes, as well as the Template plug-in.

Get it now

Download H2C right now from the download page. Don't miss the feedback page for comments or bug report. Any feedback is welcome. You can also contact the author by e-mail.